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MLA for Kildonan
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Congratulations to Cody Glass, a @GC_Gophers & @NRGAthletes alumni and first ever drafted player to the #vegasgoldenknights #NHLDraft

Please help a family in our Garden City community by donating to 'Support Stanley Ho and his family' gf.me/u/2trxq

Food Truck Fridays has begun at @sevenoakswpg This week is @KyuGrill and their famous #heroshima #kildonan #Lunchtime

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@sakurabecky @jonreyes204 Never miss it!! (From my last trip to WestMan)

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This is the funniest thing I've seen in months #StarWars #HanSolo #HanSoloMovie #arresteddevelopment twitter.com/BadFatherHan/s…

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