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MLA for Kildonan
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My heart aches that the #NHLJets are out of the playoffs, but my blood pressure is about to get a lot more normal ♥🤔 Looking forward to next year @NHLJets!

Well done on the year for #NHLJets GL #GoldenKnights Especially @rreaves75 and @CodyEakin50 who will win the #StanleyCup for your team in Vegas and your home in Winnipeg The #WPGWhiteout will be back in force next year

Thank you Internet, this Laurel vs Yanny thing is ripping our marriage apart!!! 😡😡😡 (or dominating our Sunday coffee time) #teamLaurel

@Victory4201 Just went for the first run of the season. Politics + Baby + New Shows on HBO = Me stuck on the couch for 1 straight hour... #MilenialsAgeToo

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